Auckland Weather

Auckland Average Weather & Yearly Climate

Typically the weather in Auckland offers an average daily temperature of 19 degrees during the year.

Our weather figures highlight January is when its the hottest and July is when its coldest time of the year. Temperatures differ by 9.You can expect average temperatures to typically bring around 20 from Spring, 15 in Summer with temperatures going to 18 during Autumn and 22 throughout Winter.

Month Degrees Celsius
January 23
February 23
March 22
April 20
May 17
June 15
July 14
August 15
September 16
October 17
November 20
December 21

What are the Weather Insights, Yearly Temperature, Climate in Auckland?

Our historical stats throughout the months and seasons helps determine the best time to visit Auckland

  • Typical Average Daily Temperature: 19
  • Typical Hottest Month: January
  • Typical Coldest Month: July
  • Average Spring Temperature: 20
  • Average Summer Temperature: 15
  • Average Autumn Temperature: 18
  • Average Winter Temperature: 22